Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Review - June

Wow!  This has been another busy month!  I can't believe everything that happened in June.  I really enjoy looking back and seeing everything I accomplished because it's hard to see it when you're working and working and working...

Here are some of the great things that happened this month.

In Your Eyes
The first month of the In Your Eyes photography project was a success!  I really enjoyed seeing the pictures Zayda sent in.  I hope in the future more people will join in the fun.  :-)

Punk Projects ATC Swap
I participated in the Punk Projects ATC Swap.  I'm feeling very inspired to start making tiny art again.

Seen Around the Blogs
This month I sponsored two blogs - Punk Projects and My Best Friend Jules.  I got to give away some fun Dreaming in Craft Goodies on both blogs.  I even got to share some jewelry that I love on My Best Friend Jules!

I also got to write a guest post about A Knitted Wonderland over at Crafted.  Did you see it?

New Product at Dreaming in Craft
I introduced a new line of products at Dreaming in Craft in June!  These zipper pouches are so fun to make!  I hope to add some more designs over the next couple of months.

I saved the best for last...

Toy Joy Art Show
I was accepted into the Toy Joy Art show!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this show.  I never thought that anyone would ever consider my crafts real art.  My style is more kiddish and cute so it's hard to find an audience for it.  I think Toy Joy and their view on creativity is exactly what I have been searching for.  :-)

I really can't believe all of the amazing things that have been happening in the past few months.  I feel so lucky to have all of the opportunities I have had since I started this blog.  I couldn't do it all without the kindness and support that all of you give me.  Thank you so much.  :-)

In Your Eyes - When You're Home

Today is the day I post pictures from the In Your Eyes photography project.  This month the theme was home. We just had to take pictures of our home town.

Zayda from Falling in Light sent in some amazing pictures that she took. 

These are beautiful!  I love all of the different representations of water.  My favorite is the second picture with the water streaming off of the fountain.  Great job, Zayda!  Thanks for sending your fantastic pictures!  :-)

This month I decided to share some pictures I have taken of the town I live in.  I actually live in a small town just south of Austin called Buda.  I live right by the railroad tracks.  Yes, it's loud, but I've lived there so long that I don't even notice it anymore.  I drive over these tracks every day when I leave my house.

This is a picture I took at Stagecoach Park in Buda.  The sunsets look so beautiful!

I really love having this project where we can all participate together.  I will be posting the theme for July tomorrow so be sure to check back if you want to play along next month.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Treasury - Red, White & Blue

Hello!  This post was supposed to be for yesterday but I have been so exhausted this week that I couldn't even stay awake long enough to post it when I got home from fitness class and grocery shopping last night.  It's been a really long few weeks.  I've been trying to get ready to apply for craft shows and since I have no idea what I'm doing it's taking me a long time to get ready.  I have been working my full time job, going to fitness class and working every other hour that I'm awake on getting things ready for my applications.  I think I worked about 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday photographing things and getting my portfolio ready.  Sleepy!!  I have lots of fun plans for July here on the blog and with the shop so I'm busy preparing all of that, too.  I'm excited!  I'm going to take some time over the long holiday weekend and rest a little bit.  I don't think I can take another weekend of those long days.  The good news is I'm almost ready to submit my applications!  :-)

Okay, enough venting about how I have over-booked my time...again.  Time for some fun!

It's about time to start getting in the holiday spirit since 4th of July is on Monday.  Let's start with a little red, white and blue treasury. 

8x8 Hula Girl fine ...

Celebrate the 4th o...

Nautical Star Ring ...

DIY - So AWESOME - ...

Striped Dress with ...

Red White & Blue Ow...

Copperrein Simple L...


Cotton Wash Cloths ...


Red and blue 4th of...

8 custom for angie

Americana Wall Art ...

Sexy Vintage 50'...

Stella, the star.

4th Of July Pushpi...


A couple of quick notes while I'm here...

Today is the last day to submit pictures to me for the In Your Eyes Photography project.  Email your pictures to me at  I will post them here tomorrow!

The first Dreaming in Craft email newsletter will go out on July 1st so be sure to sign up today or tomorrow.  :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday - Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

It's a little late but I do have a music monday post for you.  It's going to be short and sweet because I have a new plushie idea I want to work on tonight, too!  :-)

Here's a song by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears.  I'll write a real post about them soon.


Quick reminder:  The first post for the In Your Eyes group photography project will be posted on Thursday.  Today was technically the deadline but since I was super busy this weekend I didn't get to remind you guys about it so I'm extending the deadline to Wednesday.  I will write the post Wednesday night so try to get it to me as soon as possible. The theme for this month is home so your pictures should be something about your town that makes it home to you.  I'll try to post more reminders throughout the month in July so hopefully more people will remember and participate. 

See you tomorrow for Treasury Tuesday!  :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toy Joy Art Show 2011

A couple of months ago I saw an event on facebook calling for local artists to apply for the third annual Toy Joy Art Show.  

Toy Joy is an awesome toy store here in Austin.  At first I wanted to apply but decided there was no way I would be accepted so I decided not to.  I kept thinking about it for weeks and about two days before the deadline I decided to just go for it.  What could it hurt to apply?  I knew I wasn't going to be accepted but I had a better chance if I applied than if I didn't.

I was just going to apply with my embroidery hoops but I really wanted to submit my plushies.  I contacted Toy Joy to see if I could submit both and they said yes.  So, the day before the deadline I put together my application and emailed it off to Toy Joy.

Guess what!  I got in!  Four of my plushies will be in the show! 

The show is from July 7th through July 10th at the 29th Street Ballroom at Spiderhouse in Austin.  The event is free and open to the public and will feature great art and music for the whole family.  Be sure to stop by if you live in the area!  :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Read All About It

I have a lot of fun things planned for Dreaming in Craft and It's Always Something in July so I thought this would be the perfect month to start a monthly email newsletter.  All you have to do to sign up is click the button in this post or on the sidebar and fill out the form.  Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about upcoming new products, sales, giveaways and any other fun news that comes up.


The first newsletter will be sent out on July 1st!


 I'm pretty excited about this little button.  It's the first one I ever made by myself from scratch (without using a photograph)!  This is just a temporary button.  I know it's a little plain and it doesn't really match the blog.  I just learned how to make it last night and ran out of time to design a permanent button.  I am going to design a whole set for the blog soon.  I'll write a post about it when I'm done.  My goal is to eventually redesign the blog.  I'm a little nervous about messing it up since I don't know what I'm doing.  I'm taking baby steps and starting with buttons.  Eventually I'll be brave and go for a complete redesign. 

I love learning new things!  :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Best Friend Jules Summery Group Giveaway

I'm back with another giveaway announcement!  This month Dreaming in Craft is also a sponsor over at My Best Friend Jules and I am participating in the Summery Group Giveaway.  It's a really great giveaway.

I am giving away this fabric button necklace and ring set. 

You can also win a pretty owl necklace from City Bird's Nest, a cute flower headband from Life...Unscripted and a $25 iTunes gift card from Janette the Jongleur!

This giveaway ends on July 1st so you better hurry!

Punk Projects Giveaway

Hello everyone!  How is your week going?  I'm just stopping by to tell you that I am hosting a giveaway on Punk Projects today!  Head over to Katie's blog and enter to win this...

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Treasury - Put a Ring On It

I have recently discovered my love for rings.  I used to never wear them because it bothered me having things on my fingers all day.  For some reason I started to really love them and now I want to wear them all the time!  In honor of my love of rings I made an Etsy treasury filled with pretty for you to enjoy.  I have a feeling this theme will be returning for future treasuries.  There were just too many awesome rings to choose from!  ;-)

El Medano Porcelain...

bow rings, set of 3

Fun Party Pink Cupc...

sterling silver STR...

swirly coral unders...

Pink and Purple Veg...

Metal Cherry Ring

Fused Glass - Sterl...

Free Worldwide Ship...

Ain't Talkin ...

1930s Typewriter Ke...

Not Your Average Cu...

Starburst Ring

Scrabble Tile Ring ...

Not Fake - sterling...

Autumn Leaves round...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music Monday - The Goblin King??

Yes, The Goblin King!  Today's music Monday is all about Labyrinth!  This has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid.  I finally gave in a few years ago and bought the dvd so I could watch it whenever I want.  A friend of mine borrowed it since she had never seen it (shocking!!) and today she brought it back to me.  So, of course that means that this song was playing in my head all day!  :-)

This is the best video I could find.  It's not great.

Don't you love it? 

I couldn't have a post about Labyrinth without one of my favorite characters.  The little worm is the cutest!!

I think I'm going to have to write some more posts about my favorite movies.  This is fun!  I already have a bunch of ideas!  

What were some of your favorite movies as a kid?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Felt Zipper Pouches

Today I have some brand new items to show you!

The zipper pouches come in four designs (more to come later).


Round Smiley Face

Oval Smiley Face

Bird on a Wire
This one is my favorite.

I have been wanting to try out purses and pouches since way before I even knew how to sew.  It was actually the reason I wanted to learn to sew.  I am a purse-aholic but I can never seem to find a purse that  fits all of my needs.  I am very picky!  I thought it would be great to design my own purses and then I would always get exactly what I wanted.  Other projects (and my lack of sewing knowledge) kept getting in the way.  I decided it was finally time to be brave and go for it.  I conquered my fear of sewing zippers with this project so I am ready to try lots more fun purse projects now!  I can't wait to come up with more cute designs for these pouches, too!

These zipper pouch designs are now available at Dreaming in Craft!  :-)