Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blue Toucan

You may have seen this shop this morning on Etsy because it was on the front page, but I had to share it in case you missed it.  This shop is called Blue Toucan Creative and it sells fairy doors!  Yes, I said fairy doors.  It's such a sweet idea!

Look at this cuteness!

This one looks like a little mushroom!

Wouldn't these be a fun gift for someone who loves to garden?  They would be really cute for a kids room, too!


Velma said...


I was just telling Andy that we needed to make one of our trees look like an Ent and then we can have gnomes and fairies... EEK!!!!!!!

marci said...

Something to add to your Christmas wish list? :) I vote for the first one. It's really, really cute. I love the little window.