Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make it Work

I will be at the SoCo Pop-Up shops market on South Congress by the food trailers in Austin today.  If you're in the area stop by and say hi!

Remember my new felt pins?

I'm taking them with me to the market today so I needed a way to display them on the table.  First I was going to just take a cute plate and set them on there but then I remembered that outdoor markets are tricky because of the wind.  I usually end up taping things down to the table so I'm not chasing them all day.  I bought a "metal" picture frame at Walmart for really cheap and planned to print out my business logo for the frame and then attach the pins around the edge.  Then I figured out why the frame was only $4!  It wasn't metal!  Not magnetic at all!

I knew there was a way to turn a frame into a magnetic board so I hit the internet to figure out what kind of metal I would need to buy to put in the frame.  I found this simple tutorial on Daisy Craft and she used a piece of sheet metal and cut it down to size.

I decided to change it up and cover the metal with fabric instead of paper.  It just seemed more like me.  I love fabric!

I didn't cut the fabric at all.  It's just folded to the back and taped down.  That way I can change out the fabric anytime I want and still use it for other projects!

Here's the finished product!

What do you think?  Have you made any displays for your crafts?  I would love to hear about what you made.


Creating Trouble said...

Great idea! Will bear this in mind for when I eventually get round to craft fairs. Thanks for the tip!

(oh and I've noticed followers are back too...)

camille yanair said...

yay! i can commment on your blog now! i love how you displayed your pins! i've also seen people hang them on a long ribbon, then hang the ribbon from a tent pole or whatever. (that make make no sense:) happy sunday!

kate said...

Looks great Marci! I love figuring out craft show displays. I think I might try to sell some of my felt brooches this summer and I'm trying to come up with a neat way to display them too!

marci said...

Alex - I'm glad you like it. You should try out craft fairs. I love them. Glad I could help with ideas. :)

Camille - Thanks for coming back. Seems like we've been having a lot of Blogger problems lately. I actually thought about using a ribbon at first but at this outside market it gets pretty windy so I decided to come up with something else. I might use the ribbon idea at indoor markets.

Kate - You MUST sell your brooches. They are amazing! You are very talented. I would love to buy one for myself. :)