Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Review

Hello again!  I know I already posted a blog today but I thought of a new idea so I'm posting twice!  :-)  A lot has happened this month and I've been so busy that I haven't really been able to enjoy it.  I thought it might be nice to look back at the month before heading into another crazy month. 

My schedule has been pretty full since I started Dreaming in Craft .  My little blog has been very neglected.  I decided set a blog schedule.  So far I love it.  What do you guys think?  Is there anything else you would like to see?  I love suggestions.

Seen on Other Blogs
 I was a sponsor on Punk Projects again this month.  I really love Katie's blog. She is so sweet and supportive.  I also participated in a blog party over at My Mismatched Life and gave away a fabric button jewelry set.  :-)
I got some amazing news this month!  My fish bowl embroidery hoop is going to be in the first issue of Crafted Magazine!

I attended two markets with my Dreaming in Craft goodies in May!

I completed three brand new projects this month.

I introduced a new collaborative photography project.  I will be posting the first theme tomorrow!

Wow!  It really was a busy month!  I'm pretty happy with these little accomplishments.  It feels good to be blogging again and I'm so happy to see some new people reading.  I really appreciate all of your support.  :-)

I'm thinking about posting a month in review every month.  It's nice to see everything together in one place.  I decided to take June off from markets to work on new project ideas so I should have lots of fun things to share with you in June!  I'm also going to spend some time trying to think of fun ways for you guys to join in the fun.  Maybe a contest?  Or a giveaway?  Not sure yet.  You'll just have to stay tuned!

Did you do anything you were really proud of in May?


Creating Trouble said...

I made myself a blog organiser yesterday as well! I realised that there are some things I would like to do more regularly so need to keep track of when I do them - and actually prepare some of them in advance as I have now had 2 Sundays in a row when I've suddenly thought: Oh no! Did I take a good photo this week?! Sounds like you've had a very active month... how do you find the time?
I think I'm one of your new readers - I really enjoy your posts!

marci said...

I like having a schedule for the blog. I tried to avoid it for a long time but it's nice when I don't really have any ideas. I still have something to post and then I usually get all kinds of inspiration and have tons of ideas to post. How do I find the time? I'm pretty boring so if I'm not at work or fitness class I'm usually home working on blogs and craft projects. It's what I love to do. ;)

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you enjoy it. I love reading your blog, too! :)