Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Organized

Hi friends.  I have been a little bad about keeping up with my blog lately.  Life has been crazy!  I have a full time job, my crafty business, this blog and now I go to a fitness class three evenings a week and a yoga class every Saturday so my schedule is pretty full!  I have been struggling to keep up with everything and I'm sad to say that my blog has been the thing that gets neglected the most. 

I love this blog so much.  It was the start of my whole crafty adventure.  I love to be creative and I have made a lot of new friends here.  The crafty community is one of the most supportive communities I have ever seen.  I love being a part of it.

In the past I didn't keep a blogging schedule.  I just blogged whenever I thought of something to write.  Now I have so many ideas and hardly any time to write them so they usually get forgotten and never posted.  I don't like doing that.  So, I have decided that I will try out a blog schedule in May.  I will see how it goes and either keep it or make changes to it in June. 

I am going to make reading all of your blogs a priority, too.  I miss reading about all the great things you guys are making!  I find so much inspiration from reading other blogs.  I may not be able to read them every day but I'm going to set aside time a couple days a week to catch up with you guys.  :-)

All that to say...this is the blog schedule I will follow in May:

Monday:  Music Monday
Tuesday:  Etsy Treasuries (It will usually be one, but sometimes I might have multiple treasuries. They are so fun to make!)
Wednesday:  Off Day (I will take this day off from blogging...unless I find something that I just can't wait to show you.)
Thursday:  Misc. (I'll share crafty inspiration or other fun stuff I find around the internet.)
Friday:  Videos (I will share fun videos I find around the internet...it will probably be mostly animation but I'm not going to limit myself.)
Saturday:  My projects (I will share my personal projects.)
Sunday:  Happiness is... (I'm bringing this one back.  I think it's important especially when life gets so busy to remember the little things that make us happy.)

Okay.  That's it!  I'll be back later this evening with my first Etsy treasury!

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kate said...

Sounds great to me! Can't wait to read all your posts!