Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got some great news this weekend.  Dom from Crafted is going to start a craft magazine later this year and she selected my fish bowl embroidery hoop to be included in the first one! 

I am so excited!  It will be included in the kids section along with some other really great shops.  You can read the post about it here.  Being featured in the kid section makes me very happy.  I love that my crafts are kid friendly.  :-)

Dom is posting updates on her blog about the magazine so be sure to head over there and follow her so you can get it when it's finished.  I can't wait!



katiebug92 said...

woohoo, congrats girl!! :)

marci said...

Thanks, Katie. It's all because of you. Since we both sponsored your blog she saw my shop and found it. :)

Dom said...

Hey hey thanks for the shout out Marci. :)