Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City Swatch (Let's Try This Again)

A few of you may have seen a post I wrote a couple weeks ago about CitySwatch but it was tragically lost when Blogger went down.  It wasn't really an important post or anything but I felt that my blog was incomplete without it.  I'm sure that sounds silly.  Even though today is my "off" day on the blog I decided I would just write a little post about this fun app...again.

CitySwatch is an iPhone app designed by Art Alliance of Austin.  The concept is very simple.  Take pictures of things you see around Austin.  The fun part comes when you get to name the color!

Then you share your picture in the Art Makes a City gallery

This is my favorite picture in the gallery

Doesn't it sound like fun?  I can't wait to have a little time to wander around Austin and take lots of pictures.  I miss taking pictures.  It's hard to with such a busy schedule these days.  But with this app, I'm definitely going to have to make time soon. 

I almost forgot to tell you guys the best part about this app!  It's free!!!  If you live in Austin and have an iPhone you NEED to get this app!  It's a great excuse to enjoy the beautiful city.

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