Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

It snowed!!!  I can't even believe it!  It was too icy for me to go to work so I got to have a snow day.  Since I was off work yesterday for First Thursday/Etsy Day I get a four day weekend!  How amazing is that???  I feel pretty terrible that my coworker that lives in Austin had to go open the desk for me.  I'm going to make her a special present to make up for it.  She is my hero!  :-) 

I took a ton of snow pictures so my 365 Project post is being postponed until tomorrow. 

Time for snow pictures!!!!

My Street

Front Yard

Snow & Ice

Who left these tiny footprints??

Maybe this little guy?

Snow Angel

Another little snow angel!

I hope all of my Texas friends got to enjoy the snow as much as I did.  :-)

Happy Snow Day!


Velma said...

Happy Snow Day!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Great pictures.

grrfeisty said...

so jealous! we are off in houston but only b/c of snow :(

marci said...

Bummer! Ice is way less fun! But, you got to stay home and that's good, too. ;)

kate said...

Fun snow pictures! I woke up to a snow covered neighbourhood this morning - quite a bit more snow than what you have, but I am in Canada...