Monday, February 21, 2011

Hipstamatic 365 - Week Seven

I'm a day late with this post again.  I have been having problems with the internet at my house and Time Warner Cable is making me crazy!!!  Don't worry.  I won't waste time complaining about it here.  Let's get to some pictures!!  Here is week seven of my Hipstamatic 365!

This picture is a little dark, but I liked the way this building downtown looked in it.  I stopped to take a couple of pictures before I went home from working on my Knitted Wonderland project with a friend on Saturday.  This is my favorite building downtown.  I actually have no idea what building it is.  I just like the way it looks.

Here's another picture of my Valentine heart hoop.  I think everything looks cooler when photographed with Hipstamatic.

Mail Time
This is what I had waiting for me when I checked the mail on Monday.  Tons of craft supplies..and some pretty blue tights.  :-)

Wall of Hoops
I started hanging my embroidery hoops in the hallway at my house.  I don't have anything on the walls there so I figured it would be good decoration for now.  It's temporary of course, because most of these will be going to craft fairs, but, I like looking at them when I walk down the hallway for now.

I know it's not technically spring yet, but I was so happy to walk outside and see that some of the flowers are starting to bloom again.

This was kind of a last minute picture.  I was feeling so terrible last week because of my allergies so I took medicine as soon as I got home and went to sleep.  I almost forgot to take my picture so when I woke up between dosees of medicine I took a picture of the first thing I saw.  Luckily it was super cute buttons!  ;-)

I was still feeling pretty bad on Friday so this is all the crafting I got done before I needed to take medicine and go to bed.  I'm happy to tell you that I felt a little bit better this weekend and made a LOT more buttons.  I'll post pictures of the results this week.  :-)

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Velma said...

i love the wall hangings! and the button - both button picture!