Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marathon Weekend

I had a very busy weekend playing catch up on craft projects since I was sick most of the week with really bad allergies. 

This is how I spent my craft marathon weekend...

On Friday night I worked on button necklaces.

I didn't get very far on Friday night since I took allergy medicine.  I finished them Saturday morning.

I also turned in my group's Knitted Wonderland project on Saturday!!  YAY!!!

After that I got to work on my small button rings.

aka Jellyfish Rings

I finished up Sunday with large button rings!

This is the result of my craft marathon weekend!  Isn't it pretty??

That's 25 necklaces, 25 small rings and 25 large rings!  I had so much fun!  My fingers are killing me from making buttons but I think it was all worth it.  I was worried I wouldn't have enough for two back to back markets in March so I went a little crazy.  I'm feeling much more prepared now.

Oh yeah!  I also worked a little on a craft experiment I started a couple weeks ago.  I hoped to finish it but ran out of time.  Fingers crossed I finish this week so I can show it to you this weekend.  More fingers crossed that it comes out okay.  ;-)

Here's a little peek at the before picture.

Happy Tuesday!


Lee Lee Juliao said...

Love this!!!!!!!! I want to make those!! you have a machine or something?? <3 <3 so awesome!

marci said...

Thank you! They are my favorite thing to make. No machine. It's all done by hand. I trace a circle onto the fabric where I want the design to be and cut it out. I buy the buttons and presses from here.


you can buy smaller amounts other places, too. I just usually make a lot at a time. Make sure you buy flat backs for the buttons if you decide to make them into jewelry. I want to see pictures if you do! :)

Lee Lee Juliao said...

awesome! thanks!!! :):)
great site! I will make them, let you know!