Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fabric Button Necklaces

I realized the other day that I never wrote a blog about my fabric button necklaces.  Crazy!  Those are some of my very favorite things to make!  Well, here goes...

After I made the fabric button rings I realized how much I loved making fabric buttons so I wanted to come up with another item to make for Etsy/craft markets that I could make with buttons.  Since I'm a fan of necklaces that seemed like the next logical step. 

I ordered 1 1/4" cover buttons because I wanted them to be a little bigger than the rings I made.  I got a few new pieces of fabric so I could have a little more variety.  I used most of my scraps on the rings so I needed some more choices.  I made some to match the rings and some completely new pieces.  I love taking time to look at the fabric and try to figure out fun patterns to make when I cut my circles.  It's so fun! 

These are my necklaces!

Here they are on my pretty new display.

I really hope people like them as much as I do because I want to make more!

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Velma said...

they are super pretty! All of your fabric items are super awesome!!!