Saturday, October 16, 2010

365 Project - Week Twenty-Four

It's week twenty-four! I'm getting close to the halfway point of my project.  I find that it gets harder and harder to come up with picture ideas the further I get in the project.  It's hard to find time to go out of my way for pictures when I get busy.  I'm hoping things will slow down a little bit soon so I have time to actually go and find cool things to take pictures of.  I'm so ready for the holidays.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some good pictures.  :-)

Here is week twenty-four!

Day 162
I had another picture planned for Saturday but had so much to do and just ran out of time.  Luckily this pretty daisy was in the front yard!  :-)

 Day 163
 I went walking on Barton Springs before church on Sunday to find something to photograph.  I thought this old dairy truck was really cool!  The first time I tried to take a picture a guy walked up, looked at me, then put his drink down on the truck and started talking on his cell phone!  I walked further down the street but decided I wanted this picture so I went back.  He was gone by then and I got my picture!  YAY!!!

Day 164
I have taken pictures of this windmill before but I wanted to have one for my 365 project so on Monday my mom and I went for a walk at Stagecoach park and I took some pictures.  The sky was really pretty.

Day 165
I decided to go for a walk downtown and see what I could find.  What did I find?  My town is small!  I did find these cool old wheels so I took some pictures.  This was my favorite. 

Day 166
 I went to see Rent at Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin on Wednesday!  It was so great!  It was a little different than the original show but they did such a beautiful job staging it in a really small space.  The actors were very talented.  I can't wait to go again on November 7th!!

Day 167
 I was in desperate need of a day to myself this week so I took off work on Thursday.  I didn't really feel like going anywhere to find a picture so I went out in the front yard and saw this bird walking around looking for a snack.  He's pretty creepy, isn't he? 

Day 168
In Honor of Blog Action Day I decided to take a picture of a fountain.  This one is in Stagecoach park.  It's very convenient because it's really close to my house!  :-)

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