Saturday, July 24, 2010

Puppy Love

When I was making Seymour I went to my mom's house to get a little help with part of it and her dog Bo seemed excited to see Seymour.  I think he thought it was going to be for him.  Nope.  I don't really want to share Seymour.  He's my buddy! 

I thought it might be fun to try to make Bo a little plushie of his own. At first I was going to try some sort of cute shape but in the end I just went with a simple little oval with his name embroidered on it.  I decided against anything too elaborate because any applique would have been chewed off in about five minutes and the chances this toy was going to survive Bo's playing for more than a few days were slim to none.  Maybe if I make another one I'll try a fancier shape like a bone or something other cute doggy shape.

Here is the toy before I gave it to Bo.  Nothing fancy.  I just cut some scrap fabric into two ovals and sewed them together.  His name is sewn in black craft thread.  Easy peasy!

Here is Bo playing with his new personalized toy!  Isn't he cute??

(Sorry the picture quality is so bad.  My camera didn't like the lighting in the room and I don't know how to take action pictures with my little camera.)

He's so cute!

Action shot!

Yep!  He is on the coffee table!  :-)

"You're just too good to be true!  Can't take my eyes off of you!"

"Why is Buffy smelling my toy?  Why is Buffy smelling my toy???"


I made a couple of short playing videos, too!

 I think he likes it!  :-)

Bo usually likes to throw his toys up in the air.  It's really cute.  He wasn't doing it today so I tried to get him to do it by throwing the toy up so he would catch it.  He caught it.  It was cute.  He still didn't throw it.  Oh well.  :-)
Jump! from Marci Peterson on Vimeo.

I think he likes it!  YAY!!!


Velma said...

Ya for Bo!
And how did I not know you had a cat named Buffy???

Anonymous said...

Bo was a great subject. He really loves his new toy.