Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suddenly Seymour

I am very pleased to introduce you to my new friend.

Name: Seymour
Date of Birth: 7/19/2010
Favorite Color: Periwinkle
Favorite Food: Ice Cream!!! (That's my favorite, too!  Weird!)
Favorite Hobby: Giving Hugs
Favorite Song: Mahna Mahna by The Muppets


This is the story of how Seymour came to be...

I have seen these cute little fabric and felt monsters all over the place and I just love them.  I wanted to try to make one of my own.  So, I bought some felt and thought about it for a while and did nothing about it.  I always way over-think things!  ;-)

Yesterday I finally got brave and decided to try out making my own monster.  I tried to just freehand draw something but I was hating everything I came up with.  I ended up looking at pictures of monsters and picking out the things I liked the most and then I drew a boxy version of those things with a ruler.  After that I kind of rounded it out and made it cuter.  Then I started to make him.

Seymour was kind of my ginuea pig monster project.  I learned a lot from making him, but there are a lot of little mistakes in there, too.  I didn't take into account seam allowances and made his hands a little small.  I wanted them to be really small, but these are super duper small!  They were kind of hard to sew and didn't come out quite even but that's okay.  He's a monster!!

His ears are actually supposed to be pointed.  Well, technically they still are.  I couldn't get the points out when I turned him right-side out so he has square ears now.  Shh...don't tell.  ;-)

I made the hole a little too big for flipping and stuffing so it was a little hard to finish.  I really don't know how to hand sew much so my mom was nice enough to show me how to do that part. Now I know for next time.  Thanks, Mom!  I wouldn't have been able to finish it without you!  :-)

I'm actually very happy with my first attempt at making a monster.  I learned things that work and things that don't so when I decide to make a friend for Seymour I'll be ready!  I'm excited to try other stuffed animals now, too!

I love felt monsters!!!

Yep...this is where his name came from.

Don't you love Ellen Greene? I miss Pushing Daisies.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Very Cute.


wallflower said...

I love your felt monster. It's amazing!

Did you use a sewing machine to sew it? And did you do it inside out?

Sorry, I'm curious, I've been sewing everything horribly by hand and I'm going to buy my first sewing machine soon!

marci said...

Wallflower - Yep. I put it wrong sides together and machine sewed it. I just left an opening for flipping/stuffing. That part is hand stitched. It's pretty simple once you get going. I can't wait to make more! :)

I'm so glad you liked it.

Velma said...

HE IS CUTE! CUTE I say!!!!!!! I think he is cuter than the ones I made!!!!!!

AJ said...


Anonymous said...

Too cute Marci!! I love it! Noemi