Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fabric Button Hair Pins

I mentioned on Tuesday that I made 100 fabric buttons that later became 50 pairs of fabric button hair pins.   My poor little fingers are still in shock from all that button making!  ;-)  I decided to list 10 pairs at  

Wondering where the other 40 pairs are?  They're all going with me to the Austin Craft Riot Holiday Show!  They may make an appearance here later on in a Holiday Show Sneak Peek post so stay tuned!  ;-)


Creating Trouble said...

Wow these look really great - I'm presently having a bit of a hair clip 'phase' - I seem to have about a million different kinds at the moment that I wear all at the same time! I especially like the ladybirds and green polka dot ones.

marci said...

I love hair clips, too! Lately I have been a little too lazy to do anything with my hair but put it in a ponytail but I still love them. One of these days I'll have enough energy in the morning to wear a cute hair clip. ;)