Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sanctuary Sneak Peek - Accessories

It's time to see more of the goodies I took to Sanctuary this week.  Today I'm going to share the accessories I took...with some new packaging!

 Flower Ponytail Holders

Large Flower Hair Clips

Small Flower Hair Clips

I got all eight colors packaged to go but at the last minute I decided to take five colors to try them out.  If people like them I will take more colors.

This is my new packaging.  I feel like a real business now that I have packaging.  I may not use the plastic for stores next time but I like the idea of having it for shows.

This weekend I will be making some zipper pouches and cell phone cases to take to Atown next week.  Then it's time for plushies!  I'm so excited!

What are you working on this weekend?


kate said...

Your packaging looks fantastic! I love the blue, it really makes your flowers pop!

marci said...

Thank you! I love it. I'm considering getting rid of the plastic and just having the clips attached to the card with a hanging tag so people can feel the felt if they want to. Still not totally sure yet...