Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happiness is...Yoga

Well, I'm getting my Sunday Happiness post a little late but it's still Sunday!  It's been a busy crafting day for me.  I didn't get a lot done but I'm happy with it.  :-)

Today is about looking back on the week and reflecting on something that made me happy.  I recently started practicing yoga and it makes me very happy.

About a month ago I started a fitness class at Lockhart Mixed Martial Arts and I love it.  It feels so good to make time to take care of myself.  I get so caught up in my to do lists sometimes that I forget to take that time. 

One of the days during the week in fitness class is dedicated to yoga and pilates.  I've been wanting to try out yoga classes for a long time now so I was very excited.  I loved it!  I wanted to do more!  My friend Linda and I tried out a yoga class at Black Swan Yoga in Austin.  We went to a class and it was hard!!  I'm hooked!  I was ready to go back the next day!  I didn't because I was so sore that I could barely even move, but I wanted to!  ;-)  We went back the following Saturday.  

Another yoga studio called Yoga Yoga in Austin is having free classes at Barton Springs every Saturday morning in May so we're going to that for the next few weeks.  I loved having yoga class outside!  The weather was beautiful and when I started to get really hot a breeze would come to cool me off.  

If I didn't already have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning this is how I would start my day.  This is a video by Lilyana Heimberg.  She is one of the instructors at Black Swan Yoga.


camille yanair said...

i just started yoga too and i LOVE it! its so refreshing!

Raynata said...

Hi Marci! I was the winner of one of your giveaways - the plushie and the ring and necklace set and I absolutely LOVE both of them. The pattern on the set is so cute and the plushie is adorable. I will be posting pics on my blog soon! Thank you so much for the items! Perhaps you can sponsor a giveaway for me one day! Let me know if you would be interested! Thanks again!

Cheryl said...

I am glad you are enjoying your Yoga classes. That is great. Thanks for the happiness post. it is a good way to start the week. Have a good one.

marci said...

Camille - It really is. I count down the days until my next yoga class every week now. :)

Raynata - I'm so glad you liked everything. I would love to sponsor a giveaway on your blog! Maybe in June? If you still have my email let me know when would be a good time. :)