Monday, March 7, 2011

First Thursday

It's finally time to tell you about my first craft market!  I didn't get to walk around at all so I only got to take a few pictures of my table this time.  Hopefully I'll have a little more time to check out other booths on Saturday.  I just took these pictures really quick while no one was at the booth so they aren't great.

I woke up Thursday and my internet decided to be nice to me!  So, I started the day with a little blogging.

My table (My friend Maja had some of her stuff there, too)
I ran out of space so I couldn't put all of my items out this time.  I need to get a second table!

My rings look great in this display!  This one belongs to my friend Renée.  I wasn't able to get one in time because the store I tried to get it from was sold out.  I ended up ordering one online this weekend because they were still out when I went back on Saturday.  The seller assured me that it would be here by the middle of the week.  I'm a little worried because I don't have a back up plan.  Any suggestions for how to display my rings if it doesn't come in time? 

I love the way my necklaces look on this cute necklace tree!

My ponytail holders and clips look so great with my new product cards!  This made me so happy!  I had to improvise on the price cards a little.  I had originally planned to sell them as pairs but ended up selling them individually.  I think it was a wise decision.  People really liked them.
I had all the clips and ponytail holders looking so nice and facing the same way but the wind kept blowing them around.  They were all even and pretty once I got smart and double stick taped them to the table.  :-)  I just got too busy to re-photograph them.

I ran out of time to make more cell phone cases, but I went ahead and put the one I had out.  It didn't sell but people complimented it a lot.  I might try some different designs and see how it goes.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to continue to sell the postcards.  I like them and I actually sold one of the live music postcards, but they don't really go with the look of my other products.  Any thoughts?

Last but not least...the plushies!!!  I was very surprised at how well these sold!  I'm scrambling to make a few to replace the ones I sold before Saturday!  Everyone thought the cookie monster was a doughnut.  It was pretty funny.  I might have to make a doughnut now!  ;-)
This picture was taken after all of the mini plushies were sold so I actually had a couple more in there at the beginning of the day.
I guess that's it.  I think my first time out there was a huge success and I can't wait to try it again on Saturday.  Even if I don't do well at all of them it's really fun and I'm so happy that I can finally share my work with other people!  I think that's what crafting is all about!  :-)


katiebug92 said...

awesome!! Sounds like it went well. :)

jayiin mistaya said...

Wow - your set-up looks VERY professional! I'm impressed. /retail

I'm glad it went well and I hope things continue to do well for you!

Missy said...

Congratulations Hun, sounds like u had a really good time. Your table looks beautiful!


kate said...
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kate said...

Your table looks great! After doing a summer of outdoor craft shows I certainly know what you mean about battling the wind. It certainly is a challenge and makes indoor shows so much easier! As for your ring display, maybe you could get some bowls or trays and fill them with coarse salt (I use epsom salts). The rings would stick in well and hopefully look neat!

I always struggle with not enough room for my booths too but it's all part of the fun! Your plushies are adorable - no wonder they did well :)

marci said...

Thanks for the support you guys! :)

Kate-Great idea! The seller told me my display should be here by the middle of the week but if it's not here by Thursday I'm going on a cute bowl hunt for this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Lee Lee Juliao said...

So sweet!!! Love your booth! congrats! craft shows are very fun indeed! ;)