Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mom's Handmade Christmas

I finally had time to photograph my mom's Christmas presents.  It has been really gloomy out so the pictures aren't great, but they'll work.  :-)

I made her a felt iPhone case

and a matching felt purse from the Cute Stuff book.

I also gave her framed 11x14 prints of two of my 365 pictures that she liked.

This is my last Handmade Christmas Post.  I hope to make even more handmade gifts next Christmas.  One thing I learned from this year?  Start early!!!  :-) 


Velma said...

I love that she has a matching purse for iphone case!! Very cool!!!! And I bet they are both sooo soft!!! Great pictures too!!!!

Baily Jones said...

So cute! I need to learn how to make one for my BlackBerry! I bet that meant a lot to your mom to have a handmade Christmas. I appreciate the little things like that in life... Have a good weekend. Peace&love.