Friday, January 7, 2011

365 Project - Week Thirty-Six

Well, this has been a crazy week!  I've been working really hard on getting stuff ready for my first craft market and my Etsy opening and I've been training for the Capitol 10K so my evenings have been pretty booked!  Because of this it's been hard to find time to take my pictures for the day.  I didn't have a very good picture week.  I still got a picture of something every day and that's all that matters.  They don't all have to be amazing. 

I'm still working on the perfect name for my Etsy shop so I'm holding off just a little bit longer (frustrated!!).  But, this means that I can slow down a little bit and just concentrate on getting stuff made and not worry about making time to photograph it all yet.  I'm a little sad to have to wait more to open my Etsy because I really wanted to have it open in January, but I don't want to use a name I don't love.  It's important for me to do this right because I've been wanting to try for so long.
I hope to have a little more time next week to get better pictures.  :-)

So, here we go with week thirty-six...

Day 246
I had all of my buttons spread out on my living room floor this weekend because I was looking for the perfect buttons for a project I was working on.  So, I took a picture of all the pretties!

Day 247
I thought this was a really interesting sunset.  It looks like there's a fire but it's really just the sun going down behind the trees and the clouds look a little like smoke.

Day 248
I got some new fabric for projects this week and I really liked this one.  I especially love the little star shaped flower.

Day 249
It rained on Tuesday and I had this little oil rainbow to greet me when I walked to my car to go home from work.  :-)

Day 250
It was such a nice day outside on Wednesday.  I ended up eating my lunch outside.  I took this picture of the sky on the walking trail in front of my office after I finished eating.  See?  Pretty day.

Day 251
Normally when I'm driving to work the clouds are a beautiful shade of pink.  Not on Thursday.  They were bright orange.  I didn't have time to stop and actually get out of my car to take a picture so I took a quick picture while I was at a stop light.  I made sure to get the RED light in there so no one thought I was being unsafe.  ;-)

Day 252
I know I took another picture like this recently but I just had to take a picture of these birds today.  There were so many of them and they were lined up so perfectly on that wire!  It was cool to watch them all fly away in a group and then fly back and land in a perfect line again. 

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