Saturday, January 29, 2011

365 Project - Week Thirty-Nine

Hello! I am super late posting this week's 365 pictures. It has been a crazy week. I decided to wait until Saturday to post this because I met up with some friends on Friday to talk about First Thursday and Etsy stuff. Saturday ended up being very, very busy! I went to get a new phone (YAY!) and then I ran around all day looking for last minute things I need for First Thursday. I'll be doing some more running around tomorro but then I hope to be finished and be able to stay on top of my bloggy stuff, too. :-)

Anyway, here is week thirty-nine...

Day 267
I went to see Wendy Colonna and Dave Madden play at Momo's on Saturday.  I had so much fun!  The music was great, too!  :-)

Day 268
Got stuck waiting for a train when I went to buy some felt at Stitch Lab on Sunday afternoon.  Of course the first thing I thought of when I heard it coming was taking pictures of it.  ;-)

Day 269
I wasn't sure what I wanted to take a picture of on Monday so I walked around my neighborhood to find something.  I thought the sunset looked so pretty through these trees.

Day 270
This is what the sky looked like when I was driving to work on Tuesday.  I wish I could stop and take pictures of the sunrise every day.  It is so amazing!  I love these colors!!

Day 271
This little bird was checking his mail when I was on Wednesday.  He just sat on the mailbox forever!  Once I got out of  the car he  jumped over to this fence and posed for some pictures before he got bored and flew away.

Day 272
This bicycle flower pot is sitting in front of Raby's Roots in Buda.  I love the store front there.  There are so many pretty things out there.

Day 273
This is what my drive home from work looks like.  There are hardly any cars on the road.  I wish I could say the same for my drive to work.  EEKS!!!  It's very different!

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