Monday, December 6, 2010

My Morning Soundtrack/I Heart Stop Motion

Yes, boy and girls.  You did read that right!  It's a music Monday/stop motion extravaganza!!!  Well, really it's just one song that happens to have a stop motion video, but it's still awesome!  :-)

Today's song is brought to you by Guster.  I love Guster!  I can't believe I haven't listened to them in so long.  I have been lucky enough to see them play a couple times.  If you haven't listened to their music before I recommend you do now.  It's not too late!  You will be happy you did.  :-)

This is a song called Satellite.  It is on their Ganging up on the Sun album from 2006. 

See!  You want to hear more, don't you?

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