Thursday, December 30, 2010

Longhorn Phone Case

I tried to make as many handmade gifts as I could this year.  My sister went to the University of Texas so she's a Longhorn for life.  She lives in Denver now so I wanted to try to make her something Longhorn themed.  I decided since I had been making a lot of phone cases that it might be nice to make her a case to keep her phone warm in the cold winter weather.  No, not really.  ;-)  I just thought she might like it. 

They don't have any burnt orange felt at the store I usually buy my felt at in Austin (shocking!) so I ordered it on Etsy from Material Edidence.  It's 100% wool!  I've never used 100% wool before because it's kind of expensive.  It is so soft!  I wish I could buy it for all of my projects, but the blend that I usually use is pretty wonderful, too.  I buy it at Stitch Lab.  They have amazing colors!

Here's the finished case!  I think it turned out pretty nice.  It was really hard to cut and stitch that tiny Longhorn.  I think it came out pretty close to the actual logo.  It's not perfect but I'm happy with it.  :-)

I'm trying to decide if I want to make more Longhorn phone cases with the leftover felt or if I should try something else with it.  I was thinking of maybe making some Longhorn wrist cuffs, too.  Any suggestions?  There's only a little bit left but I think I could get one or two more small projects out of it.


Cheryl said...

It really turned out cute. You did a fantastic job on the stitching. It is so precise.

Velma said...

Hook 'em!!! Love it! I would love one for my future iphone ;)

marci said...

Velma - I happen to be making some to bring to First Thursday (the same month you are able to upgrade to an iPohone). Meant to be? I think so! ;)

alfred said...

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