Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Think This Blog's Mostly Filler

Did you catch that random Buffy reference??  I love the musical!  ;-) 

I have been a bad blogger lately.  I planned on having all these great little Christmas decorations to share with you thoughout the month of December while I was working on my Christmas presents.  I can't post my Christmas presents because people who can't see them read my blog.  I've been so crazy busy working on the presents that I have run completely out of time for working on decorations.  I haven't had a lot of time to find other great things to share because I've been working on projects non-stop from the moment I get home to the moment I go to sleep. 

As soon as Christmas is over I'll have all kinds of projects to show you! 

I addition to working on Christmas presents I'm trying to get stuff ready to open up an Etsy and have a booth at First Thursday in Austin.  I haven't gotten very far with that.  I'm kind of frustrated because I still can't think of a name.  I have so many ideas and plans for what I want to do business-wise in the next year and this stupid name is holding me back!  If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  :-)

Anyway, I wanted to share something with you today even if it wasn't Christmasy.  I've been taking pictures with my Hipstamatic like crazy over the past few weeks since I got it to work right again.  I just love the way the pictures come out.  I think I get better pictures with that app than I ever do with my real camera. 

These are a few of my favorites from the past week.

Another view of downtown Austin at sunset

Christmas lights at the public library in Buda

this one is over on Riverside Drive by the lake. 
I liked the way the tiny moon looked through the trees.

I went to the Christmas party at The Well on Saturday.
We had a white elephant gift exchange.

On Sunday I started a new project! 
These are a few of the many fabric buttons I will be making in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful day!

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AJ said...

That's been happening to me, too - I keep planning these wonderful things to share, but there's no time! I think everyone's understanding though ;) I look forward to seeing your projects!