Monday, November 15, 2010

My Morning Soundtrack

I'm actually posting My Morning Soundtrack in the morning this week!  That never happens!  Don't you just love four day weekends?

Today I'm sharing a song with you by Florence and the Machine.  It's been out for a while but I really like it and I heard it a couple of times this week after not hearing it in a while.  Guess it just really wanted to make it to the blog.  :-)

I love her voice so much.  And the music is so different than anything that gets played on mainstream radio right now.  It's nice to hear something unique for a change.

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days are Over

Okay, gotta go now.  Keeping this week's post short because we're going shopping today and then tonight my sister and I are going to the Bob Schneider show at Saxon Pub.  I used to go see him play all the time but haven't been able to go in forever.  It has been nice to get back to my old self for a few days.  I miss going to shows.  :-)

Happy Monday!


kate said...

I love florence and the machine! And pretty much all non mainstream radio music! Especially non mainstream Canadian musicians (like said the whale, hannah georgas, aidan knight, mother mother, and dan mangan!) Fun!

marci said... music to listen to! Thanks! :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Florence is such a vocal delight! Also, hope you enjoyed the Bob Schneider show -- I adore his fun song Mudhouse.