Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's a Magic Number

Happy Sunday, Everybody! today is day three of my four day weekend and Rent Day number three! I'm going to see Rent at Zachary Scott Theatre for the third and final time today.  I'm a very lucky girl.  :-)

Why three times?  Well, it is my favorite show EVER!  But also because...Three is a magic number!  ;-) 

I just really wanted a reason to post this song today.  I love Schoolhouse Rock!  This is my favorite one!

Three is a Magic Number

I started working on my first Christmas craft projects yesterday.  I'm so excited!  I'm hoping to post some of them this week.  I'll be back tomorrow for Music Monday!

Have a wonderful day!  :-)


kate said...

Hooray for three! My friend jim bought me a school house rock dvd a few years ago and it is so much fun to watch them all :) Still think three is my favourite of the bunch though...

marci said...

It's the best! I do love Mr. Morton from Grammar Rock, too, but Three will always be my favorite! :)