Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Tree

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This morning I volunteered at the Turkey Trot in Austin getting people registered for the race.  The money from the race goes to Caritas of Austin.  I thought it was a worthy cause to help out on a day like this.  There were so many people there!  That's what I love about Austin.  Instead of just sitting around on Thanksgiving, people want to be active and help their community at the same time.  Next year I'm going to run it!  I actually plan to run a few races next year.  I miss running.  It's such a great feeling to finish a race or run just one more mile.  :-)

This weekend I will be busy working on my Christmas presents and more Christmas decorations but I thought I would start sharing what I have up with you over the long holiday weekend.  Let's start with the most important decoration...the christmas tree.

My inspiration this year is Charlie Brown!

Instead of trying to have big, elaborate decorations I decided to keep it simple.  I have a tiny Charlie Brown tree and I'm making the rest of my decorations.

What do you think?  This is my very favorite Christmas tree ever!

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