Friday, November 26, 2010

365 Project - Week Thirty

Another week of pictures is done.  I think I got a pretty good variety this week.  I was lucky enough to go to some fun places during the week so I got to take pictures there.  :-)  They're not the best quality but the experiences were good so I don't really care.  Hopefully I can have some fun adventures next week, too.

And now, I give you week thirty!

Day 204
On Saturday I went to Craft Riot with some of my good friends to shop for fun handmade goodies and meet some of my twitter/bloggy friends in person.  I got so many great things.  It was so amazing to see the beautiful things these talented people make.

Day 205
This is the Austin Lyric Opera building on Barton Springs Road.  I drive by it all the time on my way to church.  I finally decided to stop and take a picture.  Isn't it cool??

Day 206
Another sunset picture.  I took some other pictures during the day Monday but I thought this was much prettier.  The colors are so pretty. 

Day 207
It's my little longhorn friends again.  On Tuesday I went to see my friend's band play so I didn't have a lot of time to get my picture.  These guys were having dinner when I was driving home so I just stopped and took a quick picture.

Day 208
I was pretty tired on Wednesday evening after getting 1 1/2 hours of sleep on Tuesday.  It was totally worth it!  When I got home from work I tried to take a nap.  I only slept about 15 minutes but by the time I got up it was almost dark.  I ran out to the front yard to take a picture of these little roses before it was too late.  That was close!!!

Day 209
On Thanksgiving I volunteered at the Turkey Trot in Austin.  I didn't run it this year because I'm not really ready for races yet.  Still working on getting in better shape.  I took this picture at the top of the hill where the race was.  Austin is such a great city!  Look how beautiful Auditorium Shores is. 

Day 210
I went to San Marcos to run some errands today so I decided to go to the campus and get a picture of Old Main.  I love that campus.  It is so pretty there.  I wish I would have appreciated it more when I was actually going to school there.  :-)

Bonus Pictures

I took a couple of pictures at the Jack Burton Trio show on Tuesday.  The band was great!  I was so happy for them!  I can't wait for the next show!!  :-)

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