Saturday, November 6, 2010

365 Project - Week Twenty-Seven

Well, this was one of those weeks where I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures so I had to photograph what I could in all the craziness.  I think I found some pretty interesting things considering.  :-)  Hopefully next week will be a little bit easier.  I think I'll actually have some time to take pictures!

Here is week twenty-seven...

Day 183
I went for a run in the park on Saturday and as I was leaving I saw this tree glowing red as the sun was starting to go down.  I think this might actually be my first glimpse of fall this year.  It's so pretty!  :-)

Day 184
 This is just a pretty plant that was for sale at the grocery store.  The sticker said it was flowering Kale, I think.  I just liked the color and the way the leaves looked so I took a picture.  :-)

Day 185
 There's this weird little rock wall thing with a wooden window in it at Stagecoach Park.  I have no idea what the purpose is, but it looks kind of like a picture frame.  So, I took a picture of it!  :-)

Day 186
Tuesday was election day!  After work I walked over to city hall to vote  I snapped this picture of some of the signs that lined Main Street before I crossed the street to get in line.

Day 187
I took my flute to the shop to have some work done last weekend.  I went back to pick it up on Wednesday and took a quick pictures of one of the mosaic steps.  I love mosaic and I love music, so this is pretty great!  :-) 

Day 188
 Every time I go to Stagecoach Park there are more and more fall leaves.  It's so pretty!  I know I already took a picture of some of them but I love the way it looks with some of the leaves still green and some red and orange.

Day 189
I was walking around trying to find something to photograph on Friday and Bo heard me on the other side of the fence and started barking.  He started peeking at me under the fence and through the boards.  I figured I should probably take some pictures while he didn't know what I was doing because he never lets me take his picture!  :-)


That's it for this week's pictures.  I was planning to post a craft project tomorrow but it's going to be a crazy weekend so I may have to wait until later in the week.  The projects will be done today but I won't be home when the light is usable to photograph anything.  I'll do my best.  Either way, I'll be back Monday with some fun music! 

Happy Saturday!


Cheryl said...

Love the pictures. I really like the fall color pictures. And of course Bo was great. He looks like he was posing even though he didn't know it.

Velma said...

great fall pics!!!! Bo is a cutie!!!!!!!

In Other Words... said...

i liked the flowering kale, i would've taken a pic of that too :)

City Girl said...

Gorgeous pictures (and your dog's adorable!)

marci said...

Thanks everyone. :)

In Other Words - I thought the Kale was pretty, too. I just kept looking at it every time I went to the store so I thought I might as well take a picture!

City Girl - Bo is actually my mom's dog, but I'll take all the credit for his cuteness. ;)