Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One eskimO

Since I decided at the last minute to start posting music on Mondays, this post seems a little out of place.  Oops.  ;-)  Oh well.  I planned this one on Sunday so I'm just going to go with it.  This post is only partially about music anyway.  It's also about some really amazing animation! 

Have you heard of One Eskimo?  Probably.  I'm so behind the times these days.  I used to know about all the new music coming out.  I just can't seem to keep up with stuff these days!  I'm too busy!  I meant to write this post a few months ago when I first bought their CD, but I talked myself out of it.  I decided I liked it enough to share now, so here we go!

One Eskimo is a group of musicians from England.  They have an album called (you guessed it) One Eskimo.  The unique thing about this album is that it's also a visual album.  What does that mean?  Well, they created a character called One Eskimo and gave him a story through their music.  Here's where the amazing animation comes in.  It is so beautiful!

Here are a couple of the animations from the album.  Sorry for the commercial at the beginning.  It was really hard to find the videos online.  Trust me.  It's worth the wait.  :-)





Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed the videos and music.

Nell said...

They're so cool aren't they! Love!!x

marci said...

Yeah! I really like their music. It's just so pretty and it's really different. :)