Monday, October 4, 2010

My Morning Soundtrack

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog called My Morning Soundtrack.  It was just a fun post to share the great songs I heard on my commute to work that day.  There were some really great songs!  Well, it happened again today!  It's a great way to start out the day...especially on Monday!  I love Music Monday on Twitter.  It's so fun to post music I love and see what everyone else is listening to.  I thought it might be fun to do something like that on my blog, but with a little twist.  Instead of choosing one artist or song I will post the songs I heard that day.  This way I get to post a variety of songs every week. 

I am not a music snob at all.  I don't care how cheesy it is.  I mean, I love musicals!  Need I say more?  If it sounds good then I like it.  You'll see!  ;-)  I'll do this for a few weeks and see if I think it's really worth it.  If not, then I will just go ahead and have a regular Music Monday post.  :-)

Since I thought of this idea on my way to work today you get two posts to read today!  I already posted some pictures from my walk in Stagecoach Park on Saturday before I left for work.  What?  You didn't see them??  Well, scroll down and have a look after you listen to the songs!  :-)
So, here we go with week one!  This is what I listened to on my drive to work today!

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

Michael Franti - The Sound of Sunshine

The Beatles - Revolution

Talking Heads - And She Was

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

The Cranberries - Zombie

The Mamas & The Papas - I Saw Her Again


renée said...

That is a pretty awesome playlist. I love Man in the Mirror.

Velma said...

great songs!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Love the music and videos. Great idea.