Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun with Felt - iPhone Case #2

I made this iPhone case to try out the pattern I came up with a few weeks ago. 

My mom liked it enough to buy it and give it to a friend as a birthday gift.  Well, she asked me to make another one for another friend this week.

This one actually gave me a little bit more trouble than the first one, but it was because of silly mistakes on my part.  First I sewed the flowers down around the edges, but when I did that I couldn't really overlap the petals like I wanted to.  So, I had to take them off and sew them down by the buttons first.  Then, I forgot to leave space for the blanket stitch next to the flowers so I had to spread the blanket stitch out a little bit more than I wanted to.  I'm still happy with the way it came out.  I was a little iffy about the colors (red and purple) at first, but now, seeing them together, I think it looks really pretty!  :-)

I'm excited to play around with different shaped patterns and decorations for my next phone cases.  I have a few things in mind.  I'm going to try to make cases for other phones, too.  :-)

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Velma said...

it turned out super cute!