Friday, October 1, 2010

365 Project - Week Twenty-Two

I survived this week!!!  I don't really know how and I am exhausted, but I survived!  This has been such a busy and stressful week for me.  I'm so glad it's over!  It was really hard to find time to take pictures in the middle of all the craziness, but I think I actually got some nice pictures this week.  It's nice to end the week on that happy note.  :-)

Here is week twenty-two!

Day 148
I wasn't sure what I wanted to take a picture of on Saturday so when I was driving home from running errands I stopped to take a sky picture and found this little purple flower. 

Day 149
More goats!  I had no idea there were so many goats so close to my house!  These are my favorites.  They are usually behind a really tall fence where it's too hard to get a good picture.  Not Sunday!  They were in a field with a shorter fence so I could take pictures.  They were very curious about me.  I stayed and took pictures for a while...until one of them decided he needed a close up view of me!  Then I went home.  ;-)

Day 150
I took this picture on the walking trail at my office.  It didn't turn out great.  I couldn't get a very good angle.  I just thought it would be pretty.  Since we have had so much rain there's actually water in the stream. 

Day 151
These yellow flowers are all over the place!  I finally pulled over and took a picture on Tuesday.  It was even prettier close up!

Day 152
I had to take my picture for Wednesday on my lunch break at work since I had a babysitting job that night.  I'm so lucky we have a little walking trail with a pretty little stream running through it.  I just went for a little walk to see what I could find.  This moss was so bright!  I had to have a picture!

Day 153
Since the weather has been so nice this week I have been spending most of my lunch breaks sitting at the benches on the walking trail at work.  I decided to take a few pictures since it was so pretty.  It's kind of the theme of the week.  It's a very nice escape to have a pretty place to walk during a stressful work day.  :-)  I love these little purple flowers.  There are all over the place!

Day 154
Today was very stressful at work!  So, on my lunch break I went for a walk to get away and think about something else for a while.  I saw this cute little flower so I took a picture.  It was nice to get out of the office and I got my picture for the day so I had one less thing to worry about.  YAY!  :-)

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Velma said...

I love all the prettiness!! The rain helped to make some pretty pictures!