Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Break - Freezelight

Hello coffee breakers!  Today I have something very fun to share with you.  This coffee break is all about freezelight!  Freezelight is a form of photography that uses different colored lights to create a picture.  It is so cool!


If you are interested in seeing more beautiful freezelight pictures, I recommend visiting Freezelight.RU's Flickr page.  There are so many amazing pictures there.
I couldn't write a post about freezelight without sharing a freezelight stop motion!  Look at this awesome video (also from Freezelight.RU).

Freezelight Magic Forest

Thanks for stopping by for your coffee break!

Have a lovely day!


Nell said...

Cool! That train one is awesome! x

Velma said...

those are so cool!
Did you know that today is National Coffee day? So your coffee break came on the perfect day!

AJ said...

So cute! I love those :)