Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Heart Stop Motion - Wolf and Pig

I had a bunch of craft projects that I planned to share with you this week but they're taking a little bit longer than I thought they would.  I have a couple almost finished so this weekend I should have lots of fun goodies to share with you.  I'm finishing up Craft Academy this week and then I'm working on some ideas for my hopefully-very-soon-to-be etsy shop.  I have so many things planned.  I just have to get it all ready...and think of a name!!  Grr...argh!!  :-)

I still wanted to share something special with you this week so I decided to share one of my favorite stop motion videos in my second installment of I Heart Stop Motion!

First I want to say thank you to Kate from Scientific Culture for her sweetness.  She posted the last stop motion video on her blog!  Thanks Kate!!!  You made my not-so-great week completely wonderful!  :-)


Stop Motion with Wolf & Pig
By:  Takeuchi Taijin

オオカミとブタ (Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig) from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

This stop motion impressed me so much because it's really two stop motions in one.  First he made the actual wolf and pig stop motion and then he made the photo print stop motion from those pictures.  This is amazing!!!  And it was such a cute idea, too!  I wonder how many pictures he actually had to take to make this. 

I loved how the angle of the pictures changed throughout the video.  The best was when the pictures popped up and were standing instead of laying flat.  I really liked the part where the sink becomes the pool.  And you gotta love the surprise ending.  It must have taken forever to plan it all out and actually film this!  There's just so much there.  I can't even imagine!  That's why this one makes my list of favorite stop motions!  :-)


Cheryl said...

Wow. I wonder how long it took them to do that. That's amazing.

Velma said...

THAT was awesome!!!!!!!! I bet it did take a long time with lots and lots of pictures!!!

kate said...

Amazing video! And I'm glad my post on your post made you smile! I love the train and swimming parts the most.