Friday, August 6, 2010

365 Project - Week Fourteen

It's Friday!!! Time for more pictures!  I wasn't feeling too great this week so I just sort of took pictures of what I found around me.  I didn't really seek out any special places or anything.  I did see some things that I'll try to remember for future pictures though.  :-)  Sometimes I'll see the perfect picture and I can't get to it.  That's so frustrating!!!  Somdeday I'll get those pictures.  I really want a hummingbird picture.  Sadly, they don't seem to like having their picture taken.  I almost got one this week but I was too slow.  That's my next big picture challenge for myself.
Here's week fourteen!

Day 92
I had to go buy some felt for a craft project so I went to the only place in Austin that I could find that had good felt.  I'm secretly happy that it is.  I love going to Stitch Lab!!!

Day 93
I had to go to a meeting at Freebirds after church on Sunday.  I just had to take a picture of the flying guitars!!!   :-)

Day 94
I was taking pictures of my craft project for my blog but it was too dark in the house so I went outside.  While I was out there I took a picture of this pretty little cactus.  :-)

Day 95
I went to San Antonio for work on Tuesday.  My coworker was super sweet and let me stop to take a picture of the giant boots before we came home!  I wonder what size they are.  :-)

Day 96
I guess the person that wears the huge boots can play this saxophone.  ;-)  This huge sign is on the side of Strait Music where they have the Austin School of Music.  I love it!

Day 97
One of my coworkers made this cupcake!!!  It's so cute!!  The marshmallows really do look like popcorn.  How did she do that?? 

Day 98
Yeah, so this is interesting.  It's on the side of one of the buildings on Main Street in Buda.  I wonder what the purpose was.  I thought maybe it was for a sign but there's no sign.  Oh well.  It was interesting enough for a picture so I like it!  :-)

Next week I hit a huge milestone in the project...

Day 100!!!

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Cheryl said...

Great pictures. I love the cupcake. We need to get the recipe.