Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coffee Break - Coffee Cup Art

Good morning!  I hope you are having a lovely day.  :-)  I think it's about time for a coffee break.  Care to join me? 

I saw this coffee cup on a blog once and thought it was amazing!

This coffee cup art is by an artist called Boey.  I didn't realize there was a whole series of them until Monday when Swapdoodles posted it on Facebook and Twitter.  I sat down and enjoyed every single picture from the Flickr page.  It was  a very inspiring way to start the day.  So, I thought I would spread the inspiration around and share some of these amazing coffee cups with you for our first coffee break together. 

I love that he doesn't just stick to one style in his art.  He does it all!

I tried to go through and pick just a couple of my favorites but I ended up with 1 1/2 pages of links to the ones I loved the most.  :-)  So, instead I just went through my list of favorites and picked a few random cups for you to enjoy.  I highly recommend you go and look at all the rest on the Flickr page. 

Thanks for spending your coffee break with me today!

Back to work!!!  ;-)

p.s. Today is the first day of registration for Craft Academy!  I loved the summer semester and I am so, so, so excited about the fall semester!  Anyone want to join the fun?  :-)


Velma said...

those are cute!!!!!!! I love the balloon one too.

Cheryl said...

What an adorable post. Thanks for the coffee break. Now I will get back to work and be all re-vitalized.

Hotcakes said...

deyyymmm.. it's just like the Coffee art where people make designs out of the steam milk and expresso! those cups are wicked!: )

AJ said...

I love that guy!
I hope lots of people sign up for Craft Academy :D