Monday, August 30, 2010


I am very pleased to introduce you to another new friend.

Meet Archie!

Name:  Archie (Short for Archimedes)
Date of Birth: 8/28/2010
Favorite Color:  Purple Pizzazz
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Favorite Hobby:  Flying Kites
Favorite Song:  Higitus Figitus - The Sword in the Stone


This is the story of how Archie came to be...

A couple of weeks ago I made my mustache owl, Pierre.  I thought he needed a little friend so I made a mini owl for him.

I made Archie about the same size as Stella (my mini monster).  I drew a mini owl pattern and cut all of the pieces out of felt.  I used a blanket stitch to sew the pieces on and to sew him together.  I had to stitch the feet to the bottom before I could blanket stitch the rest of the owl together.  I didn't really like the way that looked on the bottom of the owl.  Any suggestion for how I can stitch that and still make it look good? 

I named Archie after the owl from The Sword in the Stone.  I shortened it to Archie.  I thought Archimedes was a little too long for such a tiny owl!

That's it!  I can't wait to work on more plushie projects.  I've actually had a couple of requests from some friends for character and custom plushies so I have a lot of work to do.  I have ideas for some original plushies, too!  Some of them are a little more complicated than the plushies I've made so far so I have to figure out how to make them.  Hmmm...I can't wait!!!


Cheryl said...

I really like Archie. Thanks for introducing us. He is very cute.

Velma said...

seriously cute!! Is Archie any good at flying kites?

Maggie said...

So cute! Are you going to open up an Etsy shop with plushies? I bet people would love that!

Missy said...

Oh my gosh...I love him!! So Damn Cute! Do you sell them? The Sword in the stone is almost my favourite Disney...maybe it is my favourite! All because of the higitus figitus song...I still dance to it an know all the words!!


marci said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the super sweet comments, you guys! I really appreciate all of your support. :)

Velma-He's okay at flying kites. I think he's more in love with the kite than actually flying it. He usually just ends up going flying on his own. He is an owl afterall. ;)

Maggie & Missy-I will be selling my plushies. I'm planning on opening an Etsy shop in the next couple of months. I've been stuck on a name for a couple of months now but I think I may have come up with something I'm okay with. I'll keep you posted on when it's all up and running. :)

You guys are the best!

Rachele said...

He is adorable!

marci said...

Thanks, Rachele. And thanks for reading my blog! :)