Saturday, August 21, 2010

365 Project - Week Sixteen

This was a week of taking random pictures and praying something good came out of it.  I couldn't upload anything to my computer for most of the week because of my computer issues so I just took a ton of pictures and hoped they came out.  Sure, I could see them on my camera but you can't really see how good the pictures are until you upload them to your computer.  So, some days were better than others.  I think my motivation was kind of lacking this week, too, since I couldn't look at my pictures.  I just took pictures of something on some of the days.  I think I got enough good pictures to call it a successful week.

Here's week Sixteen...

Day 106
Well, I didn't get a good picture on Saturday.  I was so busy dealing with computer problems and I took a quilting class so I didn't have a lot of time to take a picture.  I took some pictures of quilts at the quilt shop but I didn't really like them so I went out that night and took some pictures of City Hall in Buda.  Unfortunately, this was the best picture I got.  Oh well.

Day 107
This pretty flower is outside my front door.  Don't you love it??  It's a kind of hibiscus.  I love this kind because the flowers are really full of petals.

Day 108
I drive by this sign everyday on my way home.  I just decided to take a picture of it.  No big story for this one. :-)

Day 109
Everywhere I look I see a pretty cactus.  Usually is the cactus with the pretty yellow flowers.  This one has these little reddish round bulbs.  I liked the way it looked so I pulled over and took a picture.

Day 110
I was walking down Lamar Blvd. on Wednesday to get a picture of something but I saw this statue up in a tree before I got there so I took a picture of this instead.  I'll get a picture of the other thing another day.  :-)

Day 111
My friend Velma and I were talking about the funny fads in the crafty world.  Everyone is crazy in love with owls and mustaches!!  I can't lie.  I think some of the owls are kind of cute, but I don't really get the mustaches.  Well, we decided it would be funny to combine the two things together and start a new fad...mustache owls!!  This is my first mustache owl, Pierre.  :-)

Day 112
I had to babysit on Friday night in San Marcos so I went over to the theater building at Southwest Texas (Texas State...whatever!) where all the ducks and turtles hang out.  This was one of my favorite turtle pictures.  The little one was following the big one all over the place.  So cute!  :-)

I took a bunch of pictures of the turtles and some ducks that were swimming in one of the ponds so I'll probably be back later this week with another picture post for you! 


Velma said...

love the cute cute turtle! You really get great flower pictures too!!

Cheryl said...

Your pictures turned out great. The turtles are great. I am glad you were able to stop there the other day. I think it was worth it.

AJ said...

Statue in a tree?! Crazy! But I guess in this town anything's possible ;)
Love the turtles!!