Saturday, August 14, 2010

365 Project - Week Fifteen

Here we are...week fifteen!  That means I made it to day 100!!!  Wow!  I can't even believe it!  It's getting harder and harder to come up with something every day but I'm determined to complete this project.  Some days the pictures won't be great, but there will be a picture!  ;-)

Here's week fifteen!

Day 99
I almost forgot to take a picture on Saturday!  That was close!  It's harder to remember on the weekends because I get sidetracked by weekend things!  ;-)  Well, this was the best thing I could find around the house.  It's a really cool dragon fly.  You should have seen it in person.  The little eyes were wiggling around.  I think he was watching me.  I couldn't get a picture of it with a better background.  It just kept flying in a circle and landing on this little twig over and over.

Day 100
This is a picture of Flip Happy Crepes in Austin.  It's actually located in the same parking lot as the building my church meets in.  I wanted to take a picture of it filled with people but for some reason they were closed on Sunday.  I decided to take a picture anyway.  Then I wouldn't have to worry about people not wanting their picture taken and posted on the internet.  :-)

Day 101
The president was in Austin on Monday.  That means Air Force One was in Austin on Monday!  I work close to the airport so I see planes coming in to land all day long.  One of our clients came in and asked me if I had seen it yet.  Not 10 seconds later a huge plane with a jet following it flew by.  I couldn't get a picture.  Then the second plane came a little while later.  Couldn't get that one either.  I was so bummed!  It would have been a perfect picture!  After work I decided to drive over to a parking lot that was across from the runway where the planes land just to see if there was any view of the planes.  There wasn't.  Plus, I was pretty sure Air Force One was gone.  So bummed.  As I was turning my car around to leave I saw this beauty coming in for a landing so I stopped my car and hopped out real quick to snap a picture.  I was so happy!  I've been wanting a great picture of a Southwest plane forever!  YAY!!!  It may not be THE Air Force One but it's MY Air Force One!  :-)

Day 102
I wasn't sure what I wanted to take a picture of on Tuesday.  I ended up just wandering around outside trying to find something.  The sun kept getting in my eyes so I looked up and saw the sun peaking through the tree and took a picture.  I think it's kind of pretty.

Day 103
It's another picture of Buda!  Yep, this is what you get to see in Buda.  :-)  I live pretty much across the street from the train tracks so I see and hear a LOT of trains.  This train car is just parked on the tracks right now.  I think the graffiti is interesting.  And a train is the best place for it.  Just think of how many people will see it if it's on a train!

Day 104
There's nothing really special about this picture.  I just thought these blue flowers were pretty.  I love the color!

Day 105
This is the last weekend for the Zilker Park summer musical so on Friday night we went to see Annie.  It was such a great show!
You know what?  I think I got a pretty good set of pictures this week!  Looking back at the week I'm pretty proud of it.  :-)

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Cheryl said...

Your pictures were great last week. I love the plumbago. I also really liked the plane.