Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craft Academy - Shell Picture Frame

Lesson six in Craft Academy was a shell picture frame.  I really enjoyed this project.  It was fun to make a mess with the sand and it was really relaxing to sit there and play with gluing shells.  :-)

I had a little trouble finding the supplies I wanted but I made it work.  I got white shells.  They have a little bit of pink and yellow in them,too.  I thought they were very pretty.  I couldn't find a frame that was the same width on all four sides so I decided to put a little starfish on the larger side.  I liked adding a little personal touch to my project. 

Here's my finished frame!

Now I need to go to the beach so I will have a picture to put in the frame!  ;-)

I still have a lot of white shells and star fish left.  I want to try to come up with some other fun projects to make with them.  I could make some other fun summery crafts.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Looks great.


Velma said...

very cute! Maybe you can go with my family next year!!