Thursday, July 8, 2010

Craft Academy - Photo Luggage Tag/Crafty Pictures

Say Cheese!!!


We made these really cute photo luggage tags in Craft Academy.  It was actually our second project but I’m so slow at crafting that I am way behind!  Oh no!  I'll get caught up eventually.  :-)

For this project we learned how to make a cardstock luggage tag and a felt luggage tag.  I love them!!!!  Sadly, I don’t travel…or even own luggage.  That’s so pathetic!!  I decided that I would use this project for a couple of different things. The first thing (the one I’m most excited about) is going to be a banner for my craft room (when I finally get around to setting it up).  I’m going to make felt tags with pictures of all the projects I post on the blog and turn it into bunting to hang in the craft room.  I’m so excited!!!  I thought they would make really cute gift tags or cards, too.

I absolutely love that they look like Polaroid pictures!  Someday when I get brave enough to change the look of my blog I want to have a banner of Polaroid pictures.  I’m not that brave yet.  ;-)

These are the cardstock pictures I made.

These are the felt pictures I made!

These are my favorite…of course!!! 


Velma said...

I can't wait for the banner for the craft room AND for the blog! its going to be super cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really happy to discover this. cool job!