Friday, July 9, 2010

365 Project - Week Ten

Week ten turned out to be a lucky week!  I kept getting great pictures by accident.  I even almost forgot my picture one day and as soon as I remembered it there was a squirrel practically posing for me!  Sometimes when I don't plan I have to scramble for something and get all worried.  Not this week.  Seriously, as soon as I wasn't trying the perfect picture was just right there in front of me.  I even got my plane!!!  I have been on a mission for this one since the project began and I finally got it.  I almost didn't stay that day to get it because I usually have to wait two hours and then just miss it.  Not this week!  I got three plane pictures!  I almost had five but barely missed those other two by a second!

Here's week 10...with a few little extra goodies mixed in!

Everytime I see a butterfly I think of this song. 

Day 64
I got really lucky on Saturday!  I was taking pictures of some pretty flowers in the flower bed in front of my house and this little butterfly was fluttering around the whole time.  I have been wanting to get a butterfly picture since I started the project but I can never seem to get a picture before they fly away.  This little guy was nice enough to sit in one place for a few seconds and let me get my picture!  YAY!

Day 65
This is one of the many pictures I took of the 4th of July decorations in Buda.  This is in front of one of the little antique shops.

Have you seen Camp? Well, you should.  It is a great movie filled with amazingly talented singers singing amazingly wonderful songs!  Need I say more?  :-)

Day 66
I have been wanting to get a picture of a century plant for a few weeks now.  I have seen them in a couple of places but they were never in a place where I could stop and get a picture.  I found this amazing plant the other day at Stagecoach Park when I was taking pictures in the rain.  I decided to go back on Monday since it was finally sunny.  I'm so glad I did. It is beautiful!

Does this plant make you think of anything else???

Day 67
 I got my airplane!!!  Just barely!  I wasn't even going to try to get it Tuesday because I had a ton of stuff to do but I just had a good feeling and decided to wait.  I got one white plane and then just barely missed another white plane.  I really wanted a red and blue one but I thought I might be pushing my luck.  I called my mom on the phone to tell her I finally got my plane and this plane flew across the sky.  I dropped my phone in the grass (while my mom was still on it!) and just snapped a picture.  I almost missed it!  I'm so happy I got it.  There was a place where they would be closer but my window of opportunity to catch it wasn't as big so I went with this.  It's not even a very good picture because I had to zoom like crazy and point the camera really fast, but I don't care!!!  I GOT MY PLANE!!!!!!  Mission accomplished!  :-)

Day 68
 This little cuteness was sitting on a trail in a shopping center eating when I found him.  He climbed up in this tree and just sat there letting me take his picture for like five minutes!!  Love it!

Day 69
I don't know why I love windmills so much.  I just do.  It was another rainy day so it was really gloomy and I had a lot of trouble coming up with a picture idea.  I saw this windmill on my drive home and thought it would make a great picture.

Day 70
These buildings had to be moved off their original property when they started building all of the big highways in Buda. they were moved to this field and have been there ever since.

Bonus Pictures
Okay, I was going to have a bonus picture section here but there were just too many pictures I wanted to show you.  I'll post the extras from this week in a separate post tomorrow.  I have a post for my attempt at fireworks pictures, too.  Sorry for all the pictures lately.  I've just been taking a lot.  :-)  Don't worry.  I have a couple of other non-picture posts in the works this coming week, too!  I have some Craft Academy projects to share and a couple of other posts I'm working on.  Just stick with me.  I appreciate your patience.

See you tomorrow!

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