Saturday, July 3, 2010

Accidentally Awesome

This week has been so gloomy and rainy in Austin.  I had a really hard time trying to come up with pictures for my 365 Project.  It was especially hard for me on Friday.  We had early release at work so I was prepared to drive somewhere and get my picture.  Then the rain started!  I had no idea what I was going to do.

My coworker recommended that I take a picture of the little stream at the walking trail by our office.  I was kind of iffy about it because I have taken a lot of pictures over there and I don't want to get into a picture rut.  But it really did look cool.  It was all flooded.  After work I walked down to the trail and stood at the edge where it wasn't flooded. 

I saw a plane go by but didn't have my camera out so I missed it!  I am determined to get a plane picture by the end of this project!  Even if I have to sit there for an entire day.  Good thing I have almost a year to do it.  :-)

As I was standing there trying to find a good angle fire ants attacked me!!!!  Oh my goodness!  It was painful!  I gave up and pain.  I took some pictures but I wasn't really happy with them.

This was the best of those pictures.

As I got closer and closer to home I started to worry more and more.  What was I going to do for my picture??  As I was driving on loop 4 towards my house I made a last minute decision to pull into Stagecoach Park and see if I could find something, ANYTHING to take a picture of.  It was still raining but I had to have a picture so I set out in the rain on my adventure.

They had this century plant at the beginning of the trail.  I have been wanting to get a picture of one for a few weeks now so I thought that could be my picture.  They are so amazing!  Sadly, it was too gloomy.  I'm going to go back when the weather clears up and take pictures of it again for my 365 Project. 

Here is one of the gloomy century plant pictures I took.

I just wasn't happy with the picture.  I saw this old building that was falling apart down the trail a little way and it actually looked pretty cool in the gloominess.  I walked down in the rain and was so excited to see what I saw!!!

This is the picture I used for the project.

Okay, look closely at this picture.  Do you see anything interesting on the roof?


Now look inside!
I'm pretty sure these are the same longhorns I took pictures of before. I think it's all the same property.

There's his face!  :-)

I didn't take any individual pictures of  his friend because he was facing the other way and I couldn't really get a good angle.

Remember the picture from my project?  Okay, now look to the left of the building.  Do you see the other longhorn laying in the grass??  I didn't even see him there until I uploaded the pictures onto my computer.  He was so sneaky.  I wish I would have seen him so I could have taken pictures.  Oh well.  I was out there for a while and, like I said, it was RAINING!!!

I know the picture quality isn't the best because of the not so great weather conditions and the fact The I had to use my camera to zoom in pretty far on some of these, but I am so excited about them.  Just think...If I had gotten that airplane picture or not been attacked by ants and gotten the picture of the stream or the weather was prettier and I got a good picture of the century plant, I wouldn't have gotten these awesome pictures!  I think it was all worth it.  Plus, I have until May to get the other pictures again.  :-)

Happy Saturday!

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