Saturday, June 5, 2010

Craft Adventure

Today I went craft supply shopping with Velma and her daughter.  It was really fun!  We met at Starbucks (we needed some fuel to get ready for our big adventure!).  Then we headed over to The Knitting Nest to see what kind of knitting supplies they had.  They just moved to their new location a couple of days ago so they weren't completely unpacked, but it was still pretty great!

The little bird houses were really cute for the decorations.

The lady at the store said they used easter egg dye to dye this yarn!

They had shelves and shelves of amazing yarn!  So pretty!

They had a few projects to sell, too.  I love these colors together!

After The Knitting Nest we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple of things.  I got some yellow buttons there.  Velma is going to knit something for me to send to my Happy Mail partner!

After Hobby Lobby we went to Stitch Lab!  I was so excited to go because they were the only people I could find in Austin that sold wool felt.  That place was amazing!  I wish I could just live there.  So cute!

See??  CUTE!!!

I saw a picture of this in an article I read about Stitch Lab.  One of my goals in going today was to get a picture of it for my 365 project.  I'm happy to say that I met that goal!

Look at the cute artwork on the walls!

Those are patterns!!!  Such a great idea!  I love the wall color, too!  I think I'm going to have to paint my craft room this color...when I finally get around to working on it.

These curtains are fantastic!  This picture doesn't do them justice.  The lighting wasn't great in that room.  Another idea for my craft room, perhaps?

Look at all the pretties!!

I was already planning to make a felt monster before I saw these, but now I can't wait to start!

This is the felt I bought!  Isn't is lovely?  I got felt for three projects I have planned for the next few weeks.  I've been going a little felt crazy lately.  I realized when I got home that I forgot felt for one part of a project, but I think I will just use the cheaper felt they sell at Hobby Lobby.  It will work okay for what I need it for anyway.  I guess I will just have to make another trip to Stitch Lab if it doesn't work.  ;-)

This store is amazing!  I loved all of the fabric!  I hope to take a class there at some point. They have lots of great ideas for things to make with felt (and we all know how much I love felt!). 

After that I rested for a little while and watched Juno.  I love that movie!  I needed a little break after all the fun!  Then I headed back out on a mission for some turquoise double fold bias tape for a project I am going to work on  this week.  I went to Joann Fabrics and they only had it in single fold bias tape.  I thought I could make it work so I went ahead and bought it.  I got to my car and opened it up to make sure before I left.  Sadly, it wouldn't have worked.  Luckily the lady was super sweet and let me return it.
So, I drove to Hancock Fabrics.  They were sold out of turquoise double fold bias tape, too!!  Grr..argh!!  There was another lady looking at the bias tape and I made a comment about her beautiful fabric (I totally geek out over fabric!).  She had the last package of Mediterranean double bias tape in her hand.  It's basically dark turquiose.  After we talked for a minute about our projects she said that she thought her project might work better with a different color anyway and gave me the mediterranean bias tape.  I insisted that she should take it and I would just order it.  She wouldn't take no for an answer!  Crafty people are so sweet!  That made my day!  Now I have everything I need for the craft I'm going to make for my Happy Mail partner!

I had a really great Saturday!  It was busy and I am exhausted, but I enjoyed every bit of it.  I was so busy running around doing all this wonderful stuff that I ran out of time to work on any projects, but that's okay.  I will start tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted on how it all comes out.

How was your Saturday?  Did you do anything fun?

I love this scene so much!  I had to share it!  :-)


chelseybell. said...

all of those places look sooo awesome! if i ever make my way down to texas, i'll have to have you show me around.

and, i loooovvvveeee the video. juno is hilarious and so sweet.

Velma said...

It was such a great day!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it and might have to go back again!!!!!

marci said...

Chelseybell - That sounds like a great plan. If you ever come to Austin let me know. I'd love to show you some fun places! :)

Velma - I'm already ready to go back! ;)