Friday, June 25, 2010

365 Project - Week Eight

Oh my goodness! It's been two months! I can't believe it!!

This was my week of improvising.  I would plan a picture and something would happen so I couldn't get the picture.  I think I did okay considering I had so many problems. 

I'm still trying to get my airplane picture!! It's like the planes know when I'm waiting for them and they just wait until I'm driving away to come in and land. It keeps happening!!! I hope to finally get that picture next week. I'm tired of staying late after work to get it. But now I'm on a mission. I WILL GET THAT PICTURE!!! :-)

Enjoy week eight!

Day 50
I'm from Texas!  This project wouldn't have been complete without a picture of some longhorns!  Luckily there are some down the street from my house.  I caught them at dinner time so I couldn't get any pictures of them not eating grass.  Oh well.  They still look really cool!  I might try to go back at some point and get pictures of them when they aren't stuffing their faces with grass.  :-)

Day 51
Can you name everyone in this picture?  This mural is on the side of South Austin Music.

Day 52
Wednesday was attempt number two at getting a picture of a plane landing at the airport.  I work by the airport and they fly by all day when I can't go out and get pictures.  I waited until almost 6:00 and finally gave up.  Of course, as soon as I was on the road two planes flew by me and landed!  I think I have a schedule kind of figured out so I'm on a mission now.

While I was waiting for a plane in the yucky heat I saw this little birdie hopping around in the grass, chasing bugs.  He's still pretty young so I don't think he totally knew how to fly.  The picture isn't the best quality because I didn't want to get too close and scare it.  I zoomed a lot.  I didn't play around with different settings on my camera either because I wanted to be ready in case a plane came.  I guess it was worth it to sit out there forever because this little bird made my day.  :-)
Day 53
This plumeria sits outside my front door and it finally has some really pretty blooms.  The plant is very tall so I couldn't really get the whole plant in the picture and still see the blooms.  It's still pretty.  That's a wisteria in the background.  Pretty!

Day 54
Okay, this is the picture that almost wasn't.  After work on Wednesday I had no idea what I was going to take a picture of but I figured I would find something as I ran errands and went to church.  Well, my camera battery died!!!  I quickly finished all of my errands and went to church, praying the whole time that someone was there early so I could get int he building and charge my battery.  Someone WAS there!!!  YAY!!!  I charged it for a few minutes and went across the street to P. Terry's to get a picture of this awesome cactus!

Day 55
I knew before Thursday even started that it was going to be a crazy day.  I made sure to take some pictures of the lovely sky this morning.  I really hate that the wires are there but that's okay.  I took some other pictures this afternoon but it was so gloomy that the pictures didn't come out very well.  I decided to go with my back up pictures from the morning.  I'll retake the other picture for another day when the weather is nicer.

Day 56
This is a field on Loop 4 in Buda.  I pass it on my way home from work every day and I never even noticed the flowers until yesterday.  I decided to stop on my way home from work and take some pictures...a lot of pictures!  :-)

Bonus Pictures
Here are some of the pictures I took this week that didn't make it to the project.

Happy Friday!!!

I completely forgot to add my extra pictures from the flower field!  Oops!  Here they are!  :-)

Happy Saturday!!!


Velma said...

I love the bonus pictures!! I love how the birdy is looking at you!!!! I think she was glad to have a visitor!!!

You did great on improve!

AJ said...

Loving your photos!! The longhorns are amazing!
I've been taking photos of the sky lately, too :) It's been sooo pretty!

Laura said...

I <3 those longhorns. Recently I've been developing a crazy obsession with any type of cow. Longhorns and Jerseys are my favorites. :]