Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

Okay, I am going to be crazy sky picture lady for a few minutes.  Can't help it.  The sky was just so amazing today.  My mom and I drove to Kyle to have some belated birthday ice cream (her birthday was May 2nd) and on the way home the sky was just so beautiful.  My mom humored me and pulled over more than once so I could take pictures.  Thanks Mom!

These are a few of the pictures I took...

(I tried to embed a song with Grooveshark again and it didn't work.  This video will have to do for now.  It has really pretty pictures for you to enjoy!)

Iz, Somewhere Over the Rainbow It's a Wonderful World

☮Tee iZ Me | MySpace Video

The sky could not decide if it wanted to be blue or cloudy this morning so it just went with both.

I realize this isn't a sky picture.  This picture was originally intended to be my 365 picture for today but it was replaced.  I thought it deserved to be on the blog anyway.  You can still see the sky in it!  I think it counts.

This is what started the whole crazy picture extravaganza this evening.

Then it turned into this.  I love the rays of the sun shooting out from behind the cloud.  Sunsets are so pretty!

This was originally a mess up picture but I thought it looked pretty cool.

Here's the magic picture!  This isn't the one I picked for today, but it's one of the many I took.  At first this was just a white cloud.  As we drove it started to look like flames in the sky.  Then it turned into a rainbow!  By the time we were able to pull over it had spread out a lot so the rainbow isn't as clear, but it's still amazing!  I can't believe we got to see it!  So lovely!


Velma said...

wow AMAZING!!! You got some great shots! I'm glad your mom was willing to let you take pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the video with my favorite song ever! Love the sky pics, too. The sky often brings me peace.

Rafael Marquez said...

I saw that same cloud formation yesterday! It's my picture of the day for today.


marci said...

Rafael - That's such a cool coincidence! We were at Baskin Robbins in Kyle. :)

AJ said...

I'm so glad you're doing this project, because you've already gotten some amazing shots!!

Jamie said...

Soooo pretty! I love cloud pictures!!!
Thanks for the blog comment you left me! I appreciate it! =)
Have a wonderful weekend!