Friday, May 21, 2010

365 Project - Week Three

I have been sick for the majority of this week so I have not been able to work on any projects or post any blogs.  Such a bummer!  My pictures are kind of pathetic this week, too.  Luckily I got a couple of really great ones before I got sick. 

Hopefully this weekend I will be feeling well enough to work on some craft projects so I have some fun stuff to share in the coming week. 

For now, here are my pictures for week three...

Day 15
This picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the amazing sky this on Saturday.  My mom and I went for belated birthday ice cream and she humored me and pulled over more than once so I could be a crazy picture lady and take pictures of the sky.  This cloud looked like a rainbow in person.  By the time we were able to pull over and get pictures the cloud had spread out and the rainbow was harder to see.  I think it's still beautiful!  (Looking at this picture now, I think the picture I posted on the sky post I wrote to share the other pictures was better.  Oh well.  I love both!)

Day 16
I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin on Sunday.  It was so great!!!  We almost didn't get to go.  I'm so glad we decided to go at the last minute.  It was sooo worth it!!  There are some really creative people out there.  I'm feeling very inspired after seeing everything people had there.  The craft fair was at the Palmer Events center.  We saw this fountain on the way out (we went in the back and left at the front).  I wanted to take a picture of it and my friend Velma suggested I stand at the end and take a picture of the entire thing.  I like it!  Thanks Velma!

Day 17
I had absolutely no inspiration or time for my picture on Monday.  My friend was coming over that night so I was in a bit of a time crunch.  This is a picture of the pretty little walking trail outside my office.  Isn't it lovely?  If you stand there and turn around you will see a huge, ugly office building.  It's so weird!  I love to look at this little trail on my lunch break.  I should probably quit sitting around admiring it and go for a walk!  One of these days...  ;-)

Day 18
I am so excited about this picture!  I was talking to my coworker about this mural on Tuesday and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I found out it was on South 1st Street so I knew there was no way I was going to get this picture until the weekend.  So, I decided to go to the Bouldin Creek neighborhood to get a picture of this cool sculpture thing I remembered.  I thought I could get a view of the whole thing but I couldn't.  Frustrating!  Then I decided to wander the neighborhood and see what I could see.  I accidentally turned onto 1st Street and decided to turn down Annie to get back in the neighborhood because I recognized that street name (have I mentioned I have no sense of directions?).  As soon as I turned onto Annie it was there!!  AND there was a spot to park right by it!  It was meant to be!  I love this picture!  It makes me happy!

Day 19
This is what happens when you are sick and you still have to take a picture.  I spent the whole day in bed asleep.  I didn't want my project to be incomplete just because I was sick, so I decided I would rather have a not so great picture than to have no picture at all.  :-)  This is a picture of my day!

Day 20
I was finally able to get out of bed and go into the living room after being stuck in bed for an entire day.  I was trying to keep myself up so I would sleep at night and go to work on Friday.  Plus, Buffy is the best medicine for everything!  Yep.  That's my tv.  I had to improvise again!

Day 21

"M" is for MARCI!!!

I tried to go back to work today but I think I needed another day to rest after being sick.  I ended up leaving early.  I still needed a picture so I stopped at the giant M outside my offices on the way home.  They just put Met Center at the bottom so the other employees wouldn't feel left out.  I know it's really for me! ;-)

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Your pictures and captions are great.