Saturday, May 8, 2010

365 Project - Week One

I survived my first week!!!  I was so worried I wouldn't have enough pictures.  Okay, I'm still worried about that, but getting through the first week is very encouraging.  :-)

Here are the pictures I took this week!

Day 1
I was babysitting last weekend and we saw this little guy hiding in the bushes.  The girls were so excited!
Day 2
I saw this sign a couple of weeks ago and thought it was cute enough to go back and take a picture.

Day 3
This pretty amaryllis is in the flower bed at my mom and dad's house.

Day 4
This church is down the street from my house.  It's like a church from a movie or something!  I love it! And you gotta love the giant ray of sunlight shining down on it!

Day 5
This is my squirrel friend.  He (or she) is always hanging out at Flip Happy Crepes on Wednesdays when I go to church.  He started on the ground and just stayed there watching me.  He let me get pretty close before he slowly crept over to the tree and climbed up there.  I was surprised I could get as close as I did.

Day 6
My car was starting to look embarrassingly dirty.  It has been a long time since I washed it.  Way too long!!  It didn't even look white anymore!  I finally gave in and went to the car wash after work Thursday.  It's not super clean but it looks a lot better!  Pearl looks like a pearl again! :-)

Day 7
Sunset in Buda, Texas.  I actually took this picture on Wednesday nigh but I already had a picture for that day.  I thought this sky was so beatiful and I have been thinking about the picture ever since, wishing I had posted it instead.  I just loved it too much to not post it.  I guess that's not cheating...right?

I think this week turned out pretty good!  Hopefully I can come up with some great pictures for next week, too. 

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your pictures for next week. These were beautiful.


Velma said...

I don't think its cheating and it was too pretty to not post!!!

I really like the car wash picture!

AJ said...

Awesome! Days 1, 6, and 7 are my favorites :D

Kaci Porter said...

Marci these are beautiful! You are SO artistic!

marci said...

Thanks for all of your kind words, everybody! You guys inspire me every day! :)