Monday, April 26, 2010

Whatcha Makin'

It's the fourth Monday of the month again so we all know what that means.  It's time for Whatcha Makin' at The Well!!! 

I'm so excited for this month's meeting!  I showed some people the felt notebook cover I made a few weeks ago and they asked me to show them how to make it!! 

We probably won't be able to finish the whole project in the time that we have so I will try and prepare them to finish the project at home.  I will see if I can get pictures of their projects when they finish so I can share what all of my amazingly creative friends came up with. 

Remember this?

I can't wait to see what everyone decides to put on the front of their covers.  I have a couple of ideas for what I want to put on my next one, but I'm keeping it a secret until I finish.  ;-) 

For those of you who would like to play along at home, here is the pattern I got from Craft Stylish

Happy crafting!!!


Velma said...

I love our group and am so glad to be doing it with you!!!!

marci said...

I love our group, too!!! It' so fun...and it's even better because we get to do it together! :)

Jessica Hills said...

That is so cute! About the button - I think that you need to post the picture somewhere besides flickr (I just posted mine on one of my blog posts) I hope that helps!

marci said...

Thank you!

I will put the picture of the button in my post about the project and then make the button from there. Thanks so much for your help. :)